Saturday, July 14, 2007

Introducing the Fabulous Blog-Find of 2007

Welcome! This first post functions as the mission statement for "Dr. K's 100-Page Super Spectacular." The title is an homage to the giant-sized comics DC put out in during my childhood, and I will be taking a look at these comics as a regular feature on the blog. Other regular features will include reviews of old and new comics, graphic novels, books, and movies.

Because I am an English and Film professor who occasionally teaches graphic novels, I will also be using this blog to spin out some ideas that come from that classroom experience.

(A note on my teaching experience: One of my claims to fame is that I once taught Chris Sims of "Chris's Invincible Super-Blog." I will unapologetically milk that connection for all it's worth.)

In fact, here's a picture of Chris and me at HeroesCon in Charlotte:

Actually, it is largely because of Chris's encouragement (and by encouragement, I mean verbal abuse and public emasculation) that I decided to blog in the first place, late to the game though I am.

In general, this blog will feature my musings about pop culture that otherwise don't fit into my normal academic writing. Most often, it will involve going deep into my comic collection for some Silver and Bronze Age goodness.

My current plan is to post new content at least three times a week, with several regular features evolving over the next month or so.

So, I hope you enjoy the blog, and feel free to leave comments.


Kevin Church said...

So, it has begun.

Muah ha ha ha.

Chris Sims said...

Welcome to the comics blogger internet, Dr. K... HOPE YOU SURVIVE THE EXPERIENCE!

Jim Shelley said...

I think Boris, the young Dr.'s trusty manservant said it best when he said...

"You must protect . . . protect . . . oohhh . ."

This looks like an excellent place to chat about such topics as Lightning Lord and the DC Implosion (which come to think of it, would be an awesome band name.)

Dr. K said...

Yes, Jim, something on the DC Implosion is indeed in the works. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Phil Looney said...

Glad to see this is happening! :)

Sad that I am not listed in the side bar :(

Dr. K said...

Phil, thanks for the kudos and the link, but I'm not sure what you're talking about with the side bar.