Sunday, December 9, 2007

Are You a Gary?

Continuing the awesomeness from Date with Debbi 17 (1971), some helpful advice for young women:

First up is a new rating system for boys, from "Blah" to "Gary":

I wonder why that never caught on. I also wonder who the original Gary was that set these girls off. Perhaps it was this one:

That's sultry-voiced Gary Owens, announcer for Laugh-In and the original voice of Space Ghost, Blue Falcon, Powdered Toast Man, and many others. I know he's at the top of my Gary list.

Then there's this piece of advice, which I have a strong suspicion is a plant:

You've just got to believe that "Ellen Antonion" was some guy named "Anthony Allen" in Jamaica, New York, who brainstormed with his Chess Club buddies on ways to get girls to join up. Writing a fake letter to "Debbi Makes the Teen Scene" won out over such ideas as hypnotism, chloroform, and buying a Chess Club van with a valkyrie airbrushed on the side.

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