Sunday, April 13, 2008

How to improve your comics

An earlier owner of this copy of Jimmy Olsen 43 was just thinking something that we've all thought at least once in our lives:

It's difficult to read the scan, but the budding comic author added a balloon for Superman that reads, "Hey, this is a good way to get rid of that punk, Olsen."

The other balloons are slightly revised as well.

The robot says, "You will never get rid of me, Olsen! I want you for my dinner!"

To which Olsen responds, "Golly, Superman, I don't know how to explain it! Whenever I use my signal-watch to call you, this weird creature tries to eat me!"

I would like to thank this previous owner. For though the revisions ruined the value of this comic, I would much rather read a story about a robot that wants to eat Jimmy Olsen than one about a robot that wants to befriend him.

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Unknown said...

But it only wants to eat him when he uses his signal watch. The solution seems simple, but Jimmy just can't stop using that signal watch!