Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr. K's Summer Fun Time

From Superman Family 173: Name the seven artists who drew Jimmy Olsen. First one to get them all correct wins a prize.*

*Prize limited to the extraordinary sense of pride and satisfaction one should feel as the result of this accomplishment. Monetary value: $0.


Jason said...

The only artist I can identiy is (I think) for #6. But, man, #5 is creeping me out. I'm almost afraid to ask what he's taking a picture of.

Richard said...

I'm pretty sure I know them all...but I've been holding back to give someone else a chance. It's no fun if other people don't participate!

Anonymous said...

1 – Bob Oksner
2 – Curt Swan (& maybe George Klein)
3 – Neal Adams
4 – Kurt Schaffenberger
5 – Ross Andru & Mike Esposito
6 – Jack Kirby & Mike Royer
7 – Nick Cardy

Dr. K said...

Those are all correct: 100% A+! Good job, Charlie!

Richard said...

Oksner is the artist who would have eluded me, so kudos to charlie on his perfect score!

Anonymous said...

Not too hard --- I’ve read all those Jimmy Olsen comics! I graciously accept the mantle of victory. Thank you, Dr. K.

Chris Sims said...

I'd just like to point out that Dr. K quizzed me about this while giving me a ride to the airport, and I got half of them without even seeing the picture.