Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kanye-Knievel Peace Accord Achieved

Kanye West and Evel Knievel have settled the lawsuit Knievel brought over alleged trademark infringement in Kanye's video for "Touch the Sky."

I just love this picture, courtesy of USA Today.

Man, this needs to be a buddy cop movie.

Note added 11-30-2007: Sad news today that Evel Knievel passed away at the age of 69. As a kid, growing up in the 70s, I was a fan of Evel Knievel, and my brother and I had a bunch of his toys. He certainly did his part to make the world a more awesome place.


Phil Looney said...

That is probably the second best photo I've seen today. I love you internet.

Jason said...

I'm just shocked that Jimmy Carter was not involved in any capacity. He seems like the only guy who could've brokered this type of peace. Very cool.