Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Countdown Day 28: Blackhawk Wingsdays 8

This particular Blackhawk Wingsday got away from me, so there won't be the regular discussion of a full-length Blackhawk story today. Instead, and in order to keep going with the Halloween Countdown this month, here are some great monster-themed covers from the Blackhawk series. As is apparent from scanning the covers to this series, the Blackhawks frequently fought dinosaurs and giant birds, and I will be dealing with these opponents in later entries. The covers below, all taken from The Grand Comics Database feature some of the strangest creatures that the Black Knights ever faced.

Blackhawk 115

Blackhawk 119

Blackhawk 148

Blackhawk 167


All covers pencilled by Dick Dillin.

Next week: back to the regular Blackhawk Wingsdays schedule!


Dean said...

And yet none of these creatures are being strafed from an aeroplane, which I figured would be the Blackhawks' go-to tactic.

paul said...

that giant hand seems to have crawled under its own fingerprints.