Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the Classroom with Doctor K!

Readers often try to imagine what it would be like to take a class with Doctor K (at least, I assume they do. I have no hard evidence to support this.) Some might think it's all "Look how racist this Blackhawk comic is!" and detailed punch analyses, but it is often much more than that. This short film by some of my students reveals my pedagogical strategies:

It was fun to help my students out for a few minutes on this project. I enjoy having students who get into cool stuff like this.

Also, over at the Bureau Chiefs site, I've got a piece up on how to win your Oscar pool. Last year, when I went 18/24 in Oscar picks, I was asked here and on Twitter to put together some advice for making picks. I had a lot of fun writing this one. Feel free to leave comments and any tips of your own.


The Film Doctor said...

Bravo! Well done! I can sympathize.

By the way, what did the clown mean?

Dr. K said...

FilmDr--Thanks! All the dialogue was improvised, and after it was all done, I thought that I should have said something about the meaning of the clown. Obviously, the clown represents the mother figure, as evidenced by the scissors.