Saturday, June 28, 2008

HeroesCon Report: Pictures

I know it's a week late, but here are some more of my HeroesCon pictures. I wanted to post a few more, but Blogger is being difficult right now, so I may save them for a later post:

Here's Dr. K with Matt Sturges, who had me convinced I should keep reading Blue Beetle with a single phrase: "Superhero-themed Putt Putt Course."

Tom Scioli of Godland. I'm not sure what sketch he's working on here, but I know it isn't the greatest image of all time: OMAC riding Devil Dinosaur. He started that after I took the picture.
Tony Harris, who scares me, with Steve Niles around the corner.
Phil Noto working on an awesome Supergirl painting for the HeroesCon art auction.

One of the things I haven't mentioned in previous posts on HeroesCon is the great sketchbook I got from Matt Kindt, creator of Super Spy. The sketchbook is made up of color commission pieces he did, including cover re-imaginings of All-Star Squadron 1, Fantastic Four 1, X-Men 1, Justice League of America 21, and others. He also has nice Zatanna and Mary Marvel pieces. You can see some of them on his blog. I normally don't buy sketchbooks, but this one really blew me away. Also, I was glad to hear from Matt that Super Spy is the first part of a trilogy, to include Super Natural and Super Science. Super Spy is a book that I really want to work in to my graphic novel class, because it seems to be really "teachable."

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