Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween Countdown: Batman vs. Frankenstein

I'm kicking off this year's Halloween Countdown with this little-known gem from 1977: Batman vs. Frankenstein.

For those familiar with lost masterpiece, this image comes from the finale, where (SPOILER ALERT!) they hug it out in the end and make nice.

Also, at one point, when Batman unmasks, things get a little trippy. But what do you expect from 1977?


Heather T - sloCooking said...

Happy Halloween! Loved the Batman vs. Frank - how very 1970's. Have you seen It's an internet advent calendar for Halloween. So very cool. Looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Sigh, lucky dog! For some reason my parents never took photos at Halloween, so I have absolutely no record of my childhood costumes, even the store bought ones.

I wonder if Bats tried a double karate chop to Franky's neck bolts?

Todd Franklin said...

That's such a great photo! I'm the same unlucky kid like Shawn - no photos of me on Halloween.

Joe Sherlock said...


Anonymous said...

Nice photo..! I too remember the excitement and the fun of Halloween as a kid.