Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Birthday, Chris Sims!

Today is the birthday of Chris Sims, of the Invincible Super-Blog.

So, what do you get for a guy like Chris? Comics would seem to be the obvious choice, but it's difficult to know what he already has.

What else is there? Perhaps a tie and some socks? A gift card?

No, there's something that I'm looking for, but I just can't put my finger on it...

That's it! Thanks Silver Age Steel Sterling! Now, do you know anyone who could deliver such a gift on short notice?

Ah, the Silver Age Web! Thanks so much for your help, guys. You weren't doing anything important, anyway.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Images from Mighty Comics 46 (1967). Art by (I think) Dick Ayers.

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Phil Looney said...

I feel sure those comics aren't very good - but my years of reading Archies and seeing the ads really makes me want to know what those guys' deal was.