Wednesday, November 7, 2007

...And There Was Much Swearing Involved

As I've mentioned here before, I get my monthly comics through a mail-order service. The shipments usually arrive on the first Monday or Tuesday of the following month, and, for that week, it's like a little Christmas around here.

So, yesterday, my October comics arrived.

However, when looked on the side of the box, what I saw caused some consternation.

My first reaction to this was cautious hope--the hole wasn't big enough for any comics to have fallen out. But when I opened the box, my hope was dashed.

It appeared that something long, hard, and cylindrical penetrated the box and pushed a piece of cardboard all the way through.

Then I pulled out the comics, and this is where the swearing began.

Though they've flattened out a bit since coming out of the box, what I initially pulled out was basically a wadded ball of comics. Most of these are so torn up in the front and back that they are partially unreadable, with chunks torn out of some. The Flash issue pictured above is in shreds, with pieces coming out every time I try to turn a page.

Here are some of the other severely damaged comics.

This copy of Suburban Glamour 1 is the one that hurts the most. I'm pretty sure I can replace it, though, if I need to. I have an email out to the comic supplier, and their policies state that they will replaced damaged merchandise, so I'm hopeful that this will all work out.

Some comics managed to survive in good shape, though. Unfortunately, Fate is a cruel mistress. For example, Death of the New Gods 1 was utterly destroyed, but issue 2 of that series is perfectly fine; however, I want to be able to read issue 1 first, of course.

Here are some of the comics that came out in good shape.

At first, I thought the last one was damaged, but then I just realized it was written by Steve Niles. (Zing!)
(I kid, but this comic really isn't very good, and I think it's a cruel, cruel God who would allow this comic to escape unscathed while Suburban Glamour takes a beating.)

Now, as I always say, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. At the very least, I think I have the Other Dr. K's Christmas present worked out:

Step 1: Taken care of.


Jim Shelley said...

I could have gone all day w/o seeing you buy Simon Dark. :(

Dr. K said...


So, I guess that means you won't be liking my Simon Dark/Cyclotron crossover.

Damn. Back to the old drawing board.

Chris Sims said...

It appeared that something long, hard, and cylindrical penetrated the box and pushed a piece of cardboard all the way through.

Uh, sorry about that. I get a little excited about new comics.

Jovial1 said...

I think Simian Dark would be a much more engaging idea. But what can I say? I guess I've got apes on the brain this month. Maybe it'll pass... maybe.

Richard said...

You really need to consider the possibility that keeping you from reading Death of the New Gods was an act of divine providence. Someone is trying to tell you something, and I'd heed that if I were you.

Castle of Stink said...

You missed the obvious "but I'll have to make the hole bigger" comment!!