Monday, February 25, 2008

Dr. K's Oscar Post-Mortem: I Suck

Not only was last night's Oscar ceremony a fairly boring affair, but it also turned out to result in my worst predictions since I started making picks 15 years ago. I only got 11 right out of 24 categories, which is the first time I've ever dropped below .500.

The night started off not too bad, though the Best Costume Design award to Elizabeth: The Golden Age and the Best Visual Effects award to The Golden Compass should have been signs that things were not going to go well. Seriously--if anyone had these two picked correct in his or her pools, then he or she was just randomly guessing (especially The Golden Compass--that movie had some pretty dodgy effects). By the end of the night, I figured I could have done just as well by closing my eyes and dropping a pen on a list of nominees.

In retrospect, I feel especially stupid for not picking The Bourne Ultimatum for the technical categories. That choice makes much more sense than my Transformers picks.

Also, I should have gone with my gut and picked "Falling Slowly" from Once as the Best Song. It's a great song, and it's used really well in the movie. I also liked the way the performance of the song was staged, with Glenn Hansard using the same guitar, and the background duplicating the music store wall where the scene takes place in the movie.

In the end, though, I was glad that the Coen Brothers walked away with so many awards. This is the first time in a long time that I felt the Best Picture winner was the actual best movie of the year.

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