Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dr. K's Two-Word Movie Reviews: Iron Man

F&*% YEAH!

P.S. Stay through the credits.


Phil Looney said...

I totally left before the credits ended. I should have known better.

Dr. K said...

Phil--It may be worth going to see again because what you get is pretty freaking awesome.

But if you're at H&D tomorrow, I can just whisper it to you.

Chad Bowers said...

I second that, sir!!!

Jason said...

F#@% Yeah indeed. I made a friend late for his train out of hte city by making him sit through the credits. He said it was worth it. He even got to ride home on the train with a bunch of Germans in lederhosen.

Did you notice some of the armor designes that flew past during hte credits? I noted War Machine at least, though I don't know how they'll fit him into the sequel.

Anonymous said...

Re: Philip Looney's post:
"I totally left before the credits ended."

As opposed to partially leaving?

My head, hands up to the elbow, feet and genitalia left but my torso, legs and upper arms caught it