Friday, August 3, 2007

Help Out 7-Year-Old Dr. K!

I recently dug up my old copy of The Mighty Marvel Superheroes Fun Book, which I got when it first came out in 1976.

This book is in rough shape after 31 years!

One thing that surprised me in going through the book again is what a bad job 7-year-old Dr. K did on some of the puzzles. So, as a semi-regular feature here at the 100-Page Super-Spectacular, I'm asking for your help to complete the puzzles that my 7-year-old self could not.

This first puzzle--a Luke Cage crossword--seemed to prove a challenge to the young doctor. Not only did he answer very few questions, but, as you can see, he spelled "Stiletto" wrong. But I also call "shenanigans" on the creators this puzzle for including a two-letter clue that doesn't cross with any other words. Will Shortz would have none of that!

Click it and print it!

Despite the abject failure that this puzzle represents, I'm amazed that my young self knew who Discus was--I don't think I could answer that question correctly today.

Post answers in the comments, please. And only take a shot at one or two answers at a time--give everyone a chance to play!


Phil Looney said...

11 Down is "Panther"

Also - this is my new blog header...

Chris Sims said...

Man, I've got to admit, I've read every issue of Power Man (1-Down) and Hero For Hire, and most of the clues here are stumping the heck outta me.

Mike V. Scholtz said...

I thought this was going to be easy, since I had the same book when I was a kid.

Alas, I remember that Luke Cage lived above an old movie theater for a while. And he had a partner named Iron Fist. And he used to say "Sweet Christmas" a lot.

Other than that, I can't remember a damn thing that's useful for this puzzle.

snell said...

Dude, I so had that book when I was a kid!!

Dr. K said...

Mike--"Sweet Christmas" is my second favorite comic expression after "It's Clobberin' Time!"

Phil Looney said...

I need to revise my answer for 11 down - it's Goliath.

10 across is "Seagate"