Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Help Out 7-Year-Old Dr. K: Conanagram!

Here's another entry from the Marvel Superheroes Fun Book that 7-year-old Dr. K didn't even try to do. I wasn't much of a Conan fan at the time, though my younger brother was. He even had the Mego Conan doll, if I remember correctly. Throughout this Fun Book, there are some puzzles done in red pen that look suspiciously like my brother's handwriting at the time. I suspect he may helped himself to my book--something we often did with each other's possessions in order to get on the other's nerves. Since he was a Conan fan, though, I'm surprised that he didn't take a shot at this puzzle. At 5 years old, however, this codebreaking puzzle may have been too much for him.

Seven-year-old Dr. K didn't have many friends who read comics, though he had a lot of friends whose dads read Conan. I don't know if this was a general trend with the series--that a lot of adults read Conan but didn't read other comics--but it certainly was common in my experience.

I don't get the dune buggy joke in the text of this page, but I can imagine, if I owned a dune buggy in the 70s, I probably wouldn't want to find Conan on the hood of it.

Post answers and 70s Conan memories in the comments.


Chris Sims said...

For a long time, the only thing I could get was CROM, but it looks like #8 is Thulsa Doom, who would go on to inspire Kevin Sullivan by ordering Conan tied... to the tree of woe.

Chance said...

I believe #14, Smot yaroh, is unchanged from the original. An old Cimmerian god of swordplay and sheep buggering.