Friday, November 13, 2009

Fake AP Stylebook Makes EW's Must List

I was excited to find out this afternoon that Fake AP Stylebook, a project I've been contributing to on Twitter, was listed at #4 on Entertainment Weekly's "The Must List," which is subtitled, "The Top 10 Things We Love This Week." It appears in the November 20th issue, the one with the dreamy Twilight kids on the cover.

The Other Dr. K and I usually turn right to "The Must List" whenever we get our subscription copy of Entertainment Weekly to see just how current we are with the most recent pop culture trends, so it's tremendously cool to be a part of something that made the list.

And it's been a good week for Fake AP Stylebook, with several popular tweets on the feed.

Working with a bunch of really talented people on the Fake AP Stylebook for the last few weeks has been a daily blast, and I hope that we'll have more awesome announcements in the coming weeks.


Rob S. said...

Congratulations, Doc!

Anonymous said...

I am very truly happy for the success now enjoyed by the good Dr. K. However, I must state again with greater intensity that the "she" in "that's what she said" is not generally understood to be "your mom" or "your mother" because "that's what she said" is NOT an insult but a joke that's always funny due to the unwitting set up for that punch line. Dr. K and the other editors confuse "that's what she said" with the less well-known "that's what your mother said" usually preceding some vulgar, almost always hypermasculine adverbial clause like "when I was hammering her on the breakfast table this morning" or "when I tucked a dollar into her thong last night" or "after I ate a bunch of cupcakes off her stomach." I hope that the APA editorial board, fake though they are, will be upright enough to withdraw erroneous entries like this one--because, you know, that's what she said.