Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Brother vs. Brother Aparo Style!

"Friday Night Fights: Jim Aparo Style" continues as Aquaman fights his half-brother, Ocean Master (from Adventure Comics 444--story by Paul Levitz and Gerry Conway, art by Jim Aparo). And it looks like Ocean Master has the upper hand!

Now that's some grip!
Ooh! Ocean Master takes him down by the throat!

"Orm, I believe you had mussels in garlic sauce for lunch. And those mussels were my friends!"

And Aquaman gets free to land one right on the jaw! But is Ocean Master down for the count?

No! Aquaman takes one right in the shrimp basket!

Bahlactus has spoken!


Chris Sims said...

"Shrimp Basket" may actually be the most unflattering term Aquaman's ever been confronted with.

Tim said...

There's a local chain of restaurants here in the 850 called The Shrimp Basket. And yes, their all-you-can-eat-fried-anything special's pretty unflattering, too.

Back on topic, nobody ever drew the recoiling-in-pain grimace quite like Jim Aparo.


snell said...
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snell said...

Wouldn't "prawn basket" sound naughtier?