Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sonny Chiba Announces Retirement

In sad news for people who love extreme violence and debilitating blows to the face, Sonny Chiba, star of the Street Fighter movies, has announced he is retiring. The article makes the details of his retirement a little sketchy, as he says he is still going to act in movies under his real name, Sadaho Maeda, and his stage name.

But this is not all sad news. Chiba also announced that he is opening an acting school. If he teaches students to punch someone in the head so hard that you see an x-ray of the fist going into the skull, then sign me up for the class. X-Ray Head Punching 101.

In the article, Sonny also gives this amazing news: "I'd like to train many young people and pass on the name 'Shinichi Chiba' to one of them." Screw "Valedictorian"! Forget my Ph.D.! That's my new educational goal. But what's the final exam like to earn that honor? Or is there a thesis requirement?

This also reminds me that I need an upgrade on my Street Fighter movies--I just wrecked my VHS copy of Street Fighter's Last Revenge the other day.

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Chris Sims said...

True Fact: I own three DVD box sets of the Street Fighter Series, none of which is complete. But together, I have them all.