Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dr. K on the Campaign Trail 4: Now I Feel Like a Real South Carolinian!

I have some left-over campaign stuff from last week to post, but that will have to wait a bit. Today, we got our first anti-Hillary robo-call. I felt left out last week when I didn't get to participate in the pro-Huckabee push-poll that was going on, but now a feel a little better. After 7 years of living in the state, and two election cycles, I finally feel like I've arrived in South Carolina. Here's a transcript I took of the message:

Hello. FBI agent Gary Aldrich said that Hillary, on Inauguration Day 1993, was in an uncontrolled and unbridled fury, yelling and screaming profanities, because she was not allowed to have Vice President Al Gore’s office in the White House. Hillary treats people like they’re invisible; can you trust her?

Hillary knew about and helped cover up Bill’s rape of Juanita Broderick. Hillary treats women like they’re invisible; can you trust her?

Hillary hired Jack Paladino to run a terror campaign on Kathleen Willey to keep her quiet about what Bill had done to her. They nailgunned her car tires and stole or killed her pet cat named "Bull’s-eye". Hillary thinks cats are expendable; can you trust her?

After Bill pulled down his britches and exposed himself to Paula Jones, Hillary’s friend James Carville said, “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.” Hillary treats women like they’re invisible; can you trust her?

Hillary told Time magazine in June 1996 that she was thinking about adopting a child despite the fact that Bill was having an affair with Monica and Hillary knew he had a whole harem in the White House. Hillary was having her own affairs with Vince Foster, probably Webb Hubbell, and even others. Hillary makes up fairy tales about adopting an orphan child; can you trust her?

This message is from Robert Morrow, on behalf of everyone who has been violated or abused by Hillary and Bill, treated like they were invisible. Hillary sure does say a lot of things, doesn’t she? But can you trust her?

Much of this is the typical anti-Clinton conspiracy theories that have been trotted out for more than a decade now. But the message really goes off the rails when it accuses Hillary of killing a cat. I also think it's funny when "pants" are referred to as "britches."

When I first heard this message, I wondered why the guy from Northern Exposure hates the Clintons so much. According to the Washington Post, however, it's a different Robert Morrow: a Ron Paul supporter and anti-Clinton activist who has pulled this sort of thing before.

I wonder if things are going to heat up like this over the next three days.


Chris Sims said...

Well really, if you call your cat "Bull's-Eye," you're just asking for something to happen to it.

Mike V. Scholtz said...

What I like best about the poll is its subtlety. You'd never guess it wasn't a legitimate poll, what with all those question marks.