Monday, January 28, 2008

Dr. K on the Campaign Trail: The Hangover

Now that the South Carolina Primaries have been over for a couple of days, the reality is starting to sink in that, despite all their promises, the candidates won't be returning my calls, and I'm beginning to feel cheap and used. They didn't even have the common courtesy to leave taxi-fare on the dresser on their way out the door.

The phone has stopped ringing with robo-calls and surveys making us feel like we really matter, and our mailbox will no longer be full of flyers telling us just how many vicious murderers Huckabee had executed, or how John Edwards was born in a South Carolina mill town, or how change is coming. And we won't be able to go out to eat and see nationally recognized television reporters discussing the various qualities of other reporters' hair (something I actually witnessed last week). Today, I just feel ... common.

I didn't get the chance to go to many more campaign events last week, as most were scheduled at times that I had to teach or had other commitments. No candidates actually made it to my school, though the Other Dr. K got hit pretty hard with campaign events at her school, including one day in which Chelsea Clinton, America Ferarra, Amber Tamblyn, and Keyshawn Johnson were all campaigning for Chelsea's mom, and Chris Tucker (replacing a scheduled appearance by Usher) and Kerry Washington showed up for Obama. The ODK also got to go to a big Obama rally at the local civic center on Friday night, an event I sadly had to miss because of a prior commitment. Pictures of a couple of these events will be appearing in this post later.

And now it's on to Super Tuesday, or Tsunami Tuesday, as some reporters are calling it, with some not inconsiderable insensitivity to those who lost loved ones in such a natural disaster. Meanwhile, this blog will resume its regular content of movie and comics stuff shortly.

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