Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gil Kane Punch of the Week 11

This week's Gil Kane Punch comes courtesy of Mike Sterling, of Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin, one of the most consistently funny and insightful comic blogs around. I always like it when Mike links to me because I get a kajillion hits, and then I break out the Santana DVX in celebration of finally arriving as a comics blogger. Soon after, though, traffic gets back down to normal and the celebration ends (Perhaps if I posted daily like Mike does, this would be a different story).

Mike came up with a real gem from one of the Gil-Kane-punchingest comics of all time: DC Comics Presents Annual 3 (1984), written by Roy Thomas and Joey Cavalieri. A Shazam-powered Dr. Sivana delivers two devastating rights to the Earth-2 Superman.

I don't have any statistical data to back this up, but I get the sense that there are a lot more Gil Kane punches in the artist's collaborations with Roy Thomas than in his work with other writers. It makes me wonder if Roy intentionally delivered more punch-friendly plots and scripts to Gil in order to capitalize on this signature image.

Anyway, thanks to Mike Sterling for this awesome punch!

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