Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Night Fights: Hulk vs. Groot

Bahlactus rang the bell on a new series of Friday Night Fights last week, but unfortunately I was out of town that day and got back too late to contribute.

So, I'm making up for it with an entry that comes from what, it is safe to say, is the single greatest fight comic of all time: Incredible Hulk King-Size Annual 5, "And Six Shall Crush the Hulk"--scripted by Chris Claremont, plotted by Len Wein, and drawn by Sal Buscema and Jack Abel.

In these 48 pages of pure, high-grade awesomeness, Hulk fights 6 different creatures who originally debuted in pre-Marvel Atlas sci-fi comics. One of these creatures is the talking tree, "Groot, the Monster from Planet X."

Hulk, I know what you feel. Almost every day I find something that causes me to shout, "Go away, dream!"

Also, I want "Overlord of All the Timber in the Galaxy" to appear on my next set of business cards.

Hulk and Groot quickly commence to fighting, with Groot landing a devastating blow:

Meanwhile Hulk also relives a particularly traumatic childhood viewing of The Wizard of Oz:

Hulk completely splinters Groot, leaving nothing left but a stump, though that does not stop Hulk from continuing to shout at him:

This panel also very much resembles the average day in Dr. K's classroom.

Groot apparently recovers from this fight, as he is currently co-starring in the Annihilation: Star Lord miniseries, where he teams up with Rocket Raccoon.

I would also like to acknowledge the fact that I did not once take the easy road and make some kind of "Hulk gets wood" joke. We try to keep things classy here at the Super-Spectacular.


Chance said...

That was funny.

Erick said...

I got this comic book when it originally came out. It's still one of my favorites.