Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Favorite Things: Shark-Punching!

I've got a birthday coming up, and as a countdown to it, I'm going to cover some of my favorite things, Oprah-style (nothing, however, will be given away)!

Here's a Superman puzzle I got a few years ago from my pal Kevin, and this comprises many of my favorite things all in one image. First and foremost: shark-punching!

You have to admire Superman's priorities here, which clearly line up with mine. Given the opportunity to punch a shark, Superman takes it, despite the fact that Lois Lane is in serious need of rescue. Superman has a variety of outs here--heat vision, freeze breath, super-speed whirlpool--so it's clear that he chooses shark-punching out of sheer joy. So, in Superman's hierarchy of values, shark-punching comes in ahead of saving Lois, which probably means it beats out everything else in the world as well.

Which is as it should be.

Can you guess the other favorite things depicted in this puzzle?


Chris Sims said...

My guess is "bondage."

Jason said...

Damn, Chris beat me to it. If not, perhaps drowning?

Anonymous said...

Lois Lane in short Skirts?

Anonymous said...

Bubbles? Ah, I miss that puzzle, but it's great to see it assembled, as perfectly as your analysis. Sharks are always going after superheroes. What's great is that Superman doesn't need to fall back on something like shark repellent bat spray (also available in barracuda, whale and manta-ray).