Sunday, October 17, 2010

Even More Ask Doctor K!

Once again, I've been asked some very important questions about comics from a young reader. So, let's just jump right in to one of them:

"Has Batman or Superman ever driven a rocketship before?"

The short answer is "Hell, yes!" to both. But the long answer is even better than that.

But before we get started with the answer, I would point out that the correct verb is "flown." You "fly" a rocketship, but you "drive" a car.

First, Batman. Batman has everything you can think of, as well as everything you can't think of. So, of course he has a rocketship:

This is Batman with his son, Damian, who has taken on the mantle of Robin. You are a bit too young, however, for me to explain how Batman got a son, or why Batman and his son's mommy aren't married to each other. Someday, when you're older, we'll have this talk.

Meanwhile, though, Batman definitely flies a rocketship.

Now, Superman is a different story. As an infant, Superman came to Earth in a rocketship, but he didn't technically "fly" it: his father programmed it to fly to Earth just as the planet Krypton was destroyed.

Also, because Superman can fly in space on his own power, he doesn't really seem to need a rocketship. However, that doesn't mean he has never flown one. For example, sometimes he loses his powers or has to fly through a cloud of kryptonite meteors, and then he really needs a rocketship. Other times, he just thinks rocketships are cool, which is why he has the SuperMobile!

The SuperMobile is a rocketship that also punches. That makes it the greatest rocketship ever made.

Hope that answers your question!


KingOfDoma said...

How could you miss the best rocketship ever flown by Batman... that's just... impossible.

Anonymous said...

"How dare you not write the post I would have written if I was not so lazy, using something that better illustrated the point?"

Oh, the Internet!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the actual correct verb for operating a rocket ship would be "pilot." Rockets don't "fly," per se.

Dr. K said...

Kinf of Doma--I'm glad you like that one, but it's not one that I would have picked. And trust me, it's entirely possible for me to make a different choice.

Anonymous 2--The dictionary does define "fly" as, among other things, "to operate an aircraft or spacecraft," so I do use the verb correctly. However, "pilot" would also work, too.

Anonymous said...

@King of Doma - Batman didn't fly the composite Superman/Batman robot rocket, Captain Atom flew it.

Ice Cube Man said...

Superman's rocket is really cool cuz it can punch all the bad guys. How much old is Damian? Maybe we can visit Batman and his son. I think they live in Washington. I think we can drive to it. I want to drive your car. I love Batman and I'm sure I'd love his son. I think I would love them forever and ever maybe.

I'm sure I'm gonna meet you one day. I'll ask my daddy and mama.

Anonymous said...

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